For the Love of Animals


You hear everyone say “Adopt don’t shop” but when it comes to adopting a pet who really adopts who? As a child when I went to adopt a cat, I was so excited that I got to pick it out. I remember hearing “The cat will choose you, you won’t choose it” being 8 years old I didn’t understand this concept. Now that I am older however, I understand this quite deeply.

When my husband and I first got our house I told him “We need a dog, a house isn’t a home without a doggy”. So soon after that we found a local rescue that saves dogs from high kill shelters; and looks for people to give them a furever home. When we got to the shelter I fell in love with this old jack russell; I believe she was 9 or 10. Her name was Abby, her fur had turned gray with just a few spots of brown remained. She loved to cuddle which was right up my alley. My husband said that she would probably pass away soon since she was so old; so he discouraged me from adopting her. Then he noticed this little doggy that wasn’t paying attention to anyone; he was just lying in the sun happy to be a dog. His name was Norman; he was this little brown doggy. Part Chihuahua and part Pug which they call a Chug. He loved getting pets and belly rubs. We walked Norman around, and played with him for a little while until it was time to leave. The whole way home my husband and I talked about the two doggies we saw. I was still stuck on Abby girl, and he was stuck on Norman. I told him my concern was “What if Norman loves you more since he found you and not me?” He chuckled a little bit and said “He will love you just fine, you’re a great mommy”. Needless to say after a few days of talking we decided to adopt Norman.

We have had him for about 3 years now, and he is my little lovebug. Norman has really saved me from myself in so many ways. It’s funny how dogs do that to their owners; they teach us things we didn’t even know we needed taught. I would be lost without Norman, he is more than a companion he is family. I am a crazy dog mom, and probably to overprotective and always make sure he is happy. Norman teaches me patience, and shows me that unconditional love can be pure and true. Norman doesn’t expect me to be anything else than what I am. He doesn’t yell at me when I don’t have money to go out, he doesn’t get upset if I say something wrong or make a mess. He doesn’t care about anything that our society claims to be important. As long as I walk him, feed him, and give him love that’s all that matters to him. Dogs are incredibly special beings. They are the earth angels sent here to save us from ourselves.

I really do believe that animals choose their owners, that there is a connection between them before they even meet. I know for a fact that me and my dog Norm have a past life connection. In mediation I saw that in another life he was a protector of mine, he was fighting to keep me safe and was killed. He came back to me to protect me in this life. He is a mama’s boy and is very protective of me.  We actually protect each other; I give him a safe place to sleep and live. I protect him from the dangers of the outside world and in return he keeps the house safe. It’s the pack mentally; we protect each other, feed each other, and we are loyal to each other. If only more humans could learn this lesson. It could be one of the most important lessons you can learn. The best things and simplest things you cannot be bought. They are earned and not given away freely.

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